Corsock Weather Station     55 04' N 3 56' W 114 metres amsl

Latest metar: 211050Z 27005KT 9999 FEW013 SCT015 BKN109 15/11 Q1009

The metar is decoded below

Date + time1050Z on day 21 of monthAll observations are in Zulu UTC
WindWind direction: 270 degrees at 5 ktWind given is 10 minute mean
Visibilitymore than 10 kmVisibility less than 5,000m - mist, less than 1,000m - fog
Cloudfew clouds at 1300 ft, scattered clouds at 1500 ft, broken clouds at 10900 ftFEW 1-2 ocktas, SCT 2-4 ocktas, BKN 5-7 ocktas, OVC 8 ocktas
Temp/Dewpt15/11Prefix M denotes minus value, values rounded to nearest C degree
QNH1009 hPaSea level pressure corrected to ISA

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